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October 2016
An Easy Way to Toss, Sell or Donate Items before Moving

An Easy Way to Toss, Sell or Donate Items before Moving

Around this time of year, it's the season of giving. Why not get rid of items to reduce your shipment weight? This means you could potentially pay less money for your move - now that's a deal! In this blog post we will list a bunch of different ideas on how to toss, sell or donate your belongings.
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February 2016

Move For Hunger

If you are moving soon and would like to donate your food instead of packing it. We can make that happen!
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September 2015
BRAVO Week 2015

BRAVO Week 2015

This was a fun week filled with small events, contests and prizes here at AMJ Campbell Kingston.“Every day, Atlas Professional Van Operators put in long hours and hard work to help Atlas customers go new places. “Throughout the week of September 21-25, 2015, Atlas agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada hosted events in honor of Atlas Professional Van Operators and drivers.
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July 2015
38lbs of Food Donated to Partners In Mission Food Bank

38lbs of Food Donated to Partners In Mission Food Bank

This past week we donated 38lbs of food to Kingston Food Bank- Partners in Mission. Help us end hunger by setting aside any non-perishable food items before you move! We will donate the food to this local foodbank! Learn how to donate and more about our move for hunger program here. Move For Hunger ‪#‎endhunger‬
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May 2015
May - Move for Hunger & Partners in Mission Donations

May - Move for Hunger & Partners in Mission Donations

We donated 83lbs of food this month! There's not better feeling than giving back to your community!
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April 2015
Moving Green with AMJ Campbell Kingston

Moving Green with AMJ Campbell Kingston

AMJ Campbell Kingston will make your next move green. Find out how we do it here.
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