Packing Do's and Don'ts
26 April 2017

Packing Do's and Don'ts


After sorting through your items, packing usually comes next on the most dreaded part of moving. If you are looking for simple packing tips, read this article for tips from the packing pros at AMJ Campbell. If you are moving within the next few months, weeks or days these tips will definitely come in handy.



Packing Yourself

Packing yourself will definitely save you money but it may cause you more of a headache than expected and will definitely be more time consuming. If you don't feel comfortable packing and/or don't want to risk breaking your own items, feel free to contact us for a free packing quote.

If you do end up packing yourself,  find out your insurance options. Usually your moving company will include a standard insurance coverage. However, in case you want to be on the safe side, you should go for additional coverage.

If your items are not properly packed there is risk of your items being damaged, which is why you need to understand your insurance options. Your mover may have some insurance but only pay for a portion of your broken TV or precious china. It’s safe to check with your home insurance provider to see what is covered. Check with the moving company to see if the policy covers your items while in transit. Keep it in mind that it is always wise to be safe than sorry.



To Use or Not to use, Used Boxes

This all depends on personal preference. We understand that packing material can be expensive, so if you find used boxes that are in good condition, strong and sturdy and are appropriate for packing, go for it!  Just make sure your used boxes are in decent shape, free of holes, rips or tears. You don't want risk your items getting damaged.

This also depends on your breakable and valuable items. If you have china, glass lamps, valuable electronics or any other breakables you may want to consider buying our dish barrels, they have a double wall construction to provide superior protection and most of them can hold up to 120 lbs a box.



To Use or Not to use, Used Paper

Depending on your AMJ location, check with your sales agent to see if they supply used packing paper. Newspaper may be tempting to use to wrap your items with but you may not know is that the newspaper ink can stain your items AND newspaper is dirty! We wouldn't recommend wrapping your dishes with newspaper. Save yourself some time by not having to wash all the newspaper ink off your belongings.

Although, we would recommend to spend the money on a bundle of packing paper.

If you are still wanting that extra protection, we suggest buying Frubble which is a mix of bubble wrap and cardboard paper, or buying bubble wrap.

Also having a good supply of packing tape can make the world of the difference. Don't tape your boxes with scotch, masking, duck, painting, electrical tape. There is a reason why we have packing tape.

If you need any help on packing a box, click here for tips.



Packing a First Night Box

It’s important to think about packing a first night or open first box before you move.

You won’t want to spend your first night looking through your box labeled “kitchen stuff” for plates and silverware, or your “clothes” box for your pajamas or perfect work outfit. Most people don’t think about packing a first night box but it will save you a ton of time.

The night before the move, put your first night box into your car or into a safe place.

The idea of this box is to include necessary items you need in the first 24 hours of your move. There may be a grocery store, convenient store or gas station, located close to your new home but it is good to have just in case. (If you can think of anything else, leave your comments below). Click here for tips on packing a first night box.



Cleaning Your Home

Clean your home before you begin packing to avoid packing items that are full of dust and dirt. Decluttering your home wouldn't be a bad idea to get rid of items that you don't want to move. To read more tips on decluttering before moving, click here.



Labeling ALL Boxes

We recommend to have a detailed labeling system. It will make the moving and unpacking process so much easier. Using stickers, brightly colored duct tape or colored sharpies to color code by room. Make sure to write down which room is what so your moving crew is aware and they unload the boxes in the correct rooms. Make sure all sides of the box including the top are labelled. You should also draw ‘This Side Up’ arrows and FRAGILE on all boxes to make sure the contents aren’t tossed around too much. If you need any packing assistance ask our professionals for details. 



Don't Throw Small Loose Items in Boxes

It's best to place small loose items in re-sealable bags such a Ziploc sandwich bags AND make sure they are labeled. If you have a bunch of furniture that needs to be disassembled, consider creating a set up box. Place all small parts that were disassembled into a small Ziploc bag and clearly label it and mark which room it belongs in. For all set up box tips, click here.



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