Services you’ll Need After you Move In
06 November 2015

Services you’ll Need After you Move In

Professional Moving Services you’ll Need After You Move in.

You have just moved in to your new home in a new city. This means you need to find new services close to your home. Sometimes this part is a little difficult especially if you aren’t familiar to your new town. We have put together a few tips to help you out as you scout out services close to your new address.


Physicians & Dentist’s

When you are moving long distance, your doctor will be the first thing to find on your to do list. On your last visit to your doctor, before you move, ask your doctor if they can refer you to anyone close to your new location. If they do, great, if not you will have to do some research. It is very important to find a Physician that will take care of you and your family. Once you have found someone, make an appointment to see him or her in person. Be prepared to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have. It’s all about how comfortable you feel and how well the relationship fits.



It is very important to have all prescriptions refilled before you move. You do not want to be stuck finding a pharmacist last minute. Try and find a pharmacist that has flexible hours and wide-rang of expertise. You can also ask your doctor if they have any recommendations for a pharmacist. They should be able to connect to your doctor and transfer prescriptions.



It’s best to find a vet for your pets, before you move. You don’t want be stuck in a situation at your new home where you are in emergency for a Vet. Sometimes it’s better to find a Vet that offers emergency assistance. The questions you ask your Vet may be similar to ones you ask your doctor. Again, all that matters is that you are comfortable and feel like you can build a good relationship with your Veterinarian.



Finding a mechanic is also a key service to include on your to do list. You do not want to be stuck in an emergency situation where you need assistance right away. Sometimes, you will not be able to rely on original vehicle dealership. There will be a lot of auto shops to choose from, best way to scout one out is by looking up reviews online or by word of mouth.


Day Care

Finding a day care for your children can sometimes be a difficult process. It depends on what child care services you are looking for, in home or in a facility, full time or part time, how old your children are and if they have any special needs. Schools will sometimes have a child care facility inside and you can also refer to the internet. Once you have made your decision on a day care, think of some questions to ask. Make an appointment to visit the day care and bring your children that will be attending. See how the relationship with the children and day care professionals are before deciding. Finding the right day care will transition your child’s life.


AMJ Shredding

While you unpack you may notice that you need to get rid of some personal documents or electronics. We have a solution to protect your information, and your company’s reputation: AMJ Campbell’s secure document-shredding service. Our bonded, uniformed and photo identified staff will arrive at your location, collect and shred your confidential material and issue you a certificate of document or equipment destruction for your records management. We’re happy to bring these services to you when you move or on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the year, to ensure the confidentiality of your documents and electronic equipment. We also offer the same great service for residential moves. Contact Us to learn more about our Document Shredding services & capabilities or Click Here to get a quote.


For more moving tips, check out our blog. We want to hear from you, do you have any tips on finding professional services after you move? Let us know by tweeting , Facebook, instagraming us.

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  • Services you’ll Need After you Move In

    You have just moved in to your new home in a new city. This means you need to find new services close to your home. Sometimes this part is a little difficult especially if you aren’t familiar to your...
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