Packing A First Night Box
29 July 2015

Packing A First Night Box

Packing A First Night Box

It’s the first night in your new home and you are starting to unpack but…. you can’t find a pair or scissors, bed sheets, towels, cleaning supplies or any every day essentials.

It’s important to think about packing a first night or open first box before you move.

You won't want to spend your first night looking through your box labeled "kitchen stuff" for plates and silverware, or your "clothes" box for your pajamas or perfect work outfit. Most people don’t think about packing a first night box but it will save you a ton of time.

We have put a list of items you may need during your first night at your new home. Please note that all of these items may not be necessary for your first night.

  • Towels and a shower curtain, in case you or your family wants to bathe after a long moving day
  • Tooth paste and tooth brush
  • Plastic plates, cups, napkins and cutlery for the pizza you may order
  • Garbage bags
  • Cleaning supplies like dishcloths or rags
  • A set of bed sheets for at least one bed if you plan on staying in your new home
  • A pair of scissors, utility knife or box cutter, to help you open the boxes while unpacking
  • Toilet paper & paper towel
  • Note pad, marker and pen
  • A small toy or any sort of entertainment if you have kids
  • A small first aid kit or medication for any sort of emergency
  • Perishable food, including pet food, you can pack a small unopened jar of jam/pasta/pasta sauce
  • A small toolbox and/or cordless drill
  • A corkscrew or bottle opener to help you celebrate
  • A light bulb or candles - you don’t want to be living in the dark
  • Extra cell phone chargers
  • Clothing – a fresh set of pajamas or change of clothes. You should have a change of clothes for each person in your family. (You can also pack these in your own suitcase.)
  • A clock radio
  • Important paperwork, moving, medical records, passports, legal, leases, financial information
  • Any spare sets of keys

Make sure the box(s) is set aside and properly labeled. Also make sure the movers are aware to load this box last since it will be the first box off the moving truck. That way you will be able to open it first.

The idea of this box is to include necessary items you need in the first 24 hours of your move. There may be a grocery store, convenient store or gas station, located close to your new home but it is good to have just in case. (If you can think of anything else, leave your comments below). We hope you enjoy your new home, happy unpacking!

For more tips for after moving in click here.


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