Don’t be fooled by a Rogue Moving Company
01 April 2015

Don’t be fooled by a Rogue Moving Company

Dancing with the stars, The Voice, American Idol, The Biggest Looser, America’s Got Talent, The Apprentice, these shows are now the “normal” TV programs to watch in the world. People are either voting or calling in to let the best contestant win.

On the other hand, there are a few things in your life you simply cannot vote for. You may not realize you are voting for products and services when you are purchasing them.

 Moving is one of them. Everyone is looking for a great deal but may not realize what you are getting into when selecting the wrong moving company. We have a few tips on how to spot a rouge mover.

 Getting the quote:

  1. They quote a very low price over the phone, often an hourly rate for a van and specified number of movers.
  2. They often claim, “everything is included”.

 On Moving Day:

  1. They arrive and start telling you there are extra fees for things like heavy objects or stairs etc.
  2. They present you with a contract that you had no idea about and will pressure you to sign.
  3. Often will ask for cash deposit's
  4. If you declare to the extra costs before loading they may threaten to leave and you stranded. (If you are moving in peak season you may be left with little hope to hire another moving company on such short notice)


  1. If worst comes to worst they may hold your belongings hostage.
  2. On moving day the final cost cannot be determined

BE AWARE of the ARE'S and ARE NOT'S.

  1. If they ARE offering a low price below the market rate.
  2. They ARE NOT listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Canadian Association of Movers (CAM).
  3. If they ARE NOT willing to visit your home for a pre-move survey, and provide you an estimate in writing.
  4. If they ARE NOT presenting you with a contact before moving day.
  5. If they ARE using a van with NO logo’s or ramps.
  6. If they ARE NOT being careful handling your belongings.
  7. If they ARE holding onto your belongings which will make you to pay extra. (That’s illegal)

Have You Been Scammed?

If a rogue mover has scammed you it’s best to write “Paid Under Protest on the final invoice. You should always keep copies of all documents and follow up with the company. If these do not work, file a complaint with Consumer Protection Ontario, more info can be found here, BBB and CAM. Again if worst comes to worst, some homeowners have successfully sued rogue movers, (they often disappear if they sense trouble).




  • That super low cost could mean more…later on.



  • A professional moving consultant will come to your home to estimate how much you have to move and provide you with a hard copy written moving estimate and contract prior to your move day.



  • Real moving companies will have a legitimate address and location. Tip: Search on Google maps!


4. BBB & CAM

  • Verify the company has good reviews and standings on CAM and BBB. Watch out, some rogue movers will list a logo of BBB & CAM on their website and not be listed.



  • Don’t be fooled by an attractive website or local phone number, there is no guarantee a local number can go to an overseas provider.


If you have any more questions about rogue movers feel free to contact us.


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